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The Future We Face

Arashi Het Fanwork Community

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arashi, het, fanfiction

| Mukae ni Ikuyo|

Mukae ni Ikuyo is the one-stop-center Arashi het (heterosexual) fanwork community where all fanwork regarding Arashi pairing with girls is the main focus. This community is formed as the founder is inspired by the heat_up_je community. Any kind of fanwork is welcomed such as fanfiction, fanart, fanvid, graphic or anything related could be post here.

As it has been stated, this is ARASHI-focus comm, so it has to include Arashi members in the fanwork. For non-Arashi related works, there are plenty of communities you could post your works on...

And always remember, this is a Het comm, meaning only pairing with girls is allowed here. If there happen to be some boyxboy pairing/s, it should be minor and not the main focus of the work.

This community is moderated and maintained by 5 gorgeous girls:
azraqey, tenshii_chan, awa_naj, kkastic, angelshill.

Please don’t hesitate to contact any of us if you have anything regarding this comm..^^
| Terms&Condition |

Any kind of fanwork is allowed as long as it is Arashixgirl related. As always, respect others' works: no bashing of pairings, characters, stories and etc. This community should be a place where everyone should enjoy being a part of.

If you like any of the work/s, leave comments which would surely make the author happy and encourage to contribute more to the community. This isn’t exactly a rule but it is vital to show your appreciation.

The other main thing is to enjoy ourselves here! ^_^. The mods would like that.
| Entries |

There is no restriction on how many posts you want to make, but please remember to put the long entry under a cut. Links or fake cuts are allowed, but locked post should be posted with fair warning. It won’t be nice for people who want to read/look at your work but directed to ‘Access denied’ page.

For graphics/fanarts, please make sure the size of images is reasonable and huge pictures should be under cut. If you want to link back to your page, some preview will be nice, but not more than 320x320 in size.

For fanvid, it will be nice if you can post the video here, as members can enjoy it easily but it won’t hurt if you want to link back to your page. Details should be stated at least:
Summary: (short summary would be enough)

For fanfiction, the details should be stated at least:

Other details such as summary, genre, author notes and etc could be stated too but please make sure the basic is to be followed.

Don’t forget to tag your entries by the tags that have been provided, if the tag is insufficient or you are not sure with the tag, please inform the mod so the mod can provide/add the appropriate tag for you.

And we'd like you to introduce yourself on the intro post.. :)

That’s all, enjoy!

| Need sites elsewhere? |

Introductory Post:Tell Me Your Name

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